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Prima Cable Indo is a company engaged in manufacturing Electric and Telecommunication Cables built in 1994. The company formerly known as Putra Ometraco Elektrik has become one of the cable manufacturers with high technology and quality.
Our products include low-and medium-voltage power cables, telecommunication cables all of which are designed according to national and international standards such as JIS, VDE, SPLN (LMK) .rima Cable Indo has headquarters in Jakarta with operational facilities at Jatiuwung Industrial Zone, Tangerang Banten - Indonesia.
Currently Prima Cable Indo has had consumers both from home and abroad. Prima Cable Indo continues to invest for new machines as well as human resources to develop production capacity and quality. We always use the best materials and cutting-edge technology to maximize cable performance and maintain the specification standards of each cable according to function.
Prima Cable Indo always make the best product. Because we are an experienced source for all kinds of cables needs.
Jl. Kesehatan Raya no. 20 South Petojo , Gambir
10160 Central Jakarta , JK
Phone: +62 21 3510642
Fax: +62 21 3517027
Jl. Kawasan Industri Keroncong Kp. Gebang Raya Kelurahan Gebang Raya Kecamatan Priuk Tangerang
15132 Kota Tangerang , BT
Phone: + 62 21 5901453, 59309179
Fax: + 62 21 5901455
Jl. Raya Sapan No 100 Rancakaso Desa Tegalluar Bojongsoang
40297 Bandung , JR
Phone: +62 22 87528467
Fax: +62 22 87528468


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